Pity, Empathy or Sympathy – Which Is Right for You?

When you have realized that you are not your emotions, when you have ceased identifying with them, your mind’s eye, your directed attention becomes like a laser-sharp weapon. Any emotion you recognize as noxious dissolves under your gaze. Instantly. Why? Because when you no longer identify, you no longer cling or avert. Which means that … Read morePity, Empathy or Sympathy – Which Is Right for You?

Self-Authorship Dynamics of Everyday Objects

Culture is downstream of technology. The objects you use in your daily life affect you profoundly. They do so in two big ways, which are often intertwined: perceptual and behavioral. Both program you to develop certain habits of thought and action. If you’re surrounded by things which are scruffy, messy and shoddy, your thoughts and … Read moreSelf-Authorship Dynamics of Everyday Objects