Persuasion and Conditioning

When you understand conceptually how the brain works, a lot of the silly things about persuasion begin to make perfect sense.

It’s almost offensive how simple it is. Because you think you’re a little special snowflake. Smaht.

Every skill you learn is about repeated stimulation of the same regions and neural pathways. It all comes down to brain conditioning.

Any motor skill you learn, you learn by the same conditioning mechanism. Anything from riding a bicycle to classical ballet. You keep doing it in a clumsy way until those pathways have been conditioned sharp and clear.

All forms of persuasion come to the same thing – opening up that cognitive path for people to follow you, removing the obstacle that thinking is. Because when you have learnt something well, you don’t think when you do it. You just do it. When people have been conditioned to follow you, they don’t feel the need to think. They just follow.

And this is the dirty little secret about persuasion.

All forms of persuasion come to the same thing – getting the person under your influence to follow you. To persuade, you just get people to do what you tell them to, over and over, before the real ask. You’ve cleared the cognitive path to following your commands, then you command.

Remember this when you write.

Remember: to be persuasive, you don’t need to be understood, only to be followed.